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    Submit UDK Build to iStore

    In Feb 2012 Build

    When using the latest Apple Application Loader 1.5 on a PC without XCODE installed the load fails for the UDK distribution IPA with an application loader error :

    "There is no DwarfDump executable defined"

    In my case due to PC ownership etc I could not install the latest XCODE versions from apple so no idea whether submissions via xcode work however by installing an earlier version of applicatiion loader 1.3 I was able to bypass this error. Not easy to do as Apple do not make available previous versions within there official downloads within the App downloads ....

    Note that in Apples developer page it states for this error :


    it states "In your build settings, ensure that the debug information is set to “DWARF with dSYM,” and that the list of valid architectures does not include PPC."