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[D3D11] Red and Blue channels around the wrong way with Scaleform

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  • [D3D11] Red and Blue channels around the wrong way with Scaleform

    Hi All,

    It appears that the Red and Blue channels are swapped in scaleform flash when rendering in Direct3D 11 mode. I have tested January, February and March 2012 releases all with the same problem. When switching back to D3D9 rendering, the colours appear the correct way around. Tested with Nvidia GTX590 and ATI Radeon 6990 graphics cards.

    This problem has already been mentioned in the Scaleform UI forum, but thought I would raise it here, as it appears to be a problem across the board, and would like to know if its being looked into.

    I would be happy to know if there is at least a workaround, such as using a mask on top of the root scene to swap the Red/Blue channels, and then enabling this when D3D11 rendering is used (So far I have not found a way to do this)

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    I second the need for a fix


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      *Bump* still in may 2012