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Soundwave Node Bug

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    Soundwave Node Bug

    Hi there,

    The issue is as follows:
    If you move an existing soundwave node to a new package, UDK will automatically move the new package to content\UT3\sounds\int\<PackageName>. And it also saves the package there automatically without any user prompt.

    Tested Against:
    March 2012 Build

    To replicate:
    1) Import a sound into an EXISTING package in UDK.
    2) Save the package.
    3) Move the soundwave node to a brand new package. Doesn't matter what you call it.
    4) You'll see the package get moved (and saved to UT3\Sound\INT almost immediately without any user interaction.

    I believe this happens with other sound related nodes, such as soundcues, UT3MusicInfos, etc. You may want to look into other nodes that cause this kind of behavior.

    That is a localization thing.


      I don't follow? Why doesn't sound move like every other node does? What does 'localization' have to do with anything?


        Voice files for different languages for example. Sound prefers separate directory structure. Localization reference below.

        Move or rename without language variants would be nice but I wouldn't consider this a bug. And I don't think is absolutely necessary either. If you must, just create the package first and then import.