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    Open IP (Internet Connection)

    Nobody on my team can connect over the internet using their IP address that's running Windows 7. People on Vista can do it. We all have the ports open, firewall either set to off or allowing UDK and it never connects. All of the Win7 users can connect to their own dedicated servers through their router IP only, but never their public IP. This is both on our project, which is in perfect synch with all teammates, or a brand new installation of UDK. Since we can't even connect to ourselves, there should be no file synching issues anyway, but we all tried a fresh UDK install just to see if it was on our end, but it's not. I used to be able to connect to my teammates in the past, but that was before I switched to Win7 and was doing that through Vista.

    Is there something we're missing or is there something bugged in the latest release of UDK? We're currently using the Feb build.

    Thanks for any help.


    same problem here but with 1 comp running xp, the other with win7.
    opened all the ports and whatnot, doesnt connect with feb build.