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Gameplay Movement Issues

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    Gameplay Movement Issues


    I've had this problem before and I never was able to fix it, it just stopped on its own after awhile. It's becoming a major problem for me now as It's keeping me from testing my maps and such. The problem is that whenever I start up any map at all, whether it be from Play in Editor, Play in Viewport, or purley from the actual UDK Game itself, my player will instantly start running backwards and my camera will look up slowly. I've tried everything I could think of such as a Different Keyboard, Different Mouse, Re-installing UDK, and even Earlier Versions and nothing has managed to solve the problem. I haven't seen anyone else with this issue so I'm a bit stumped. I recorded a video of the problem.

    Here's the link to view the video of the problem:
    UDK Gameplay Issue

    Thank You in advance for any guidance/help with this problem,
    - Dr3d