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light function / trace distance / light shafts

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    light function / trace distance / light shafts

    I have only just noticed this, mainly because I took it to the extremes.

    A few months ago I had an iusse that I could not get the light function working on a dominant directional light, the purpose was to create the effect of shadows from clouds.

    it was suggested that I take the trace distance number, under the light function, down to a lower number, this worked and the shadows appeared.

    I have just made another map, this time I had forgotten the exact process and so looked at the difference between, realising it was the trace distance, this time I set the value to '0' this then had some unexpected results with light shafts the shafts appeared to be emanating from the center of the map, wondered what I did wrong went back to the previous map and noticed a similar effect.

    this time it looked ok from a portion of the map but moving left or right in any large amount shifted the the light shafts away from the suns location in the sky

    depending on the trace distance this effect gets worse, as such it doesn't work too well with any large environment.

    this was tested in the jan and march build 2012 DX9 and DX11 mode

    is there a fix for this, or an alternative way to fake clouds, as such any other way would be hard as indoor scenes with windows etc would at the very least involve alot of complex material setups.