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Bad performance in editor, but not in-game

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    Bad performance in editor, but not in-game

    My PC specs:

    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.00GHz
    4GB of DDR2 RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 9600GT

    As the title says, performance while using the editor is bad, really bad. A blank level uses around 30% of my CPU.

    The 64 bit version of the editor is much worse, using over 60%.

    I suspect it's something related to the rendering pipeline because of two things:

    1. If I move the camera in the viewport performance becomes worse, from 30% CPU usage to over 60%. In the 64bit version goes from 50% to almost 100% percent.
    2. While opening a menu, like "File", rendering stops and CPU usage goes to single digits.

    However, using GPU-Z, which in the Sensors tab, has a "GPU Load" meter, when I move the camera in the viewport the value goes from 0% to 70%, which means that the initial problem might not be rendering related.

    I don't think my specs are the problem since UDK Game runs at smooth 60fps @ 720p in Deathmatch mode in the DM-Deck map.

    I disabled the post processing effects in the World Properties menu but it didn't help.

    Any ideas of what might be going on?