Hello there.

I have some AnimTrails on my character. In the AnimSet Editor I have a socket for the left hand, to which a custom melee weapon is attached. Right there in the AnimSet Editor I have the very weapon attached as a preview to the socket as well.

Now comes the thing: long ago when I set this up (at least 6 months ago, up to a year) I managed to get the trails coming from the weapon itself, and I know it worked from the weapon because the AnimTrail's Sockets came from the weapon's skeletalmesh (in this case, 2 sockets I put into the weapon: one at the hilt, another one at the tip).
But some time ago this setup was broken with a new month's UDK beta release (can't remember when this broke though), and now it says it can't find the sockets, which would seem natural if it was only looking for them in the character's mesh. The thing is, before this broke it did look for them in the sockets' attachment's SkeletalMeshes.

Now there's some new var in the editor that I don't remember from before. In the Notify there's a space with a var called SampledSkeletalMesh. On my previously-correct-now-broken Trails I can see this var making reference to the Weapon SkeletalMesh, but if I try making a new AnimTrail notify I can only get it to reference the Character's mesh (and only happens if I use a Socket from the Character's mesh).
So what I see here: I can't make a new Trail Notify that will take the Weapon's mesh as its Sample Mesh, and old Trail Notifies that do have the Weapon's mesh as its Sample Mesh do not work.

Am I missing something here?

Of course I've tried calling the AnimNotify from the weapon itself, but since the weapon isn't animating-moving at all (only the bone to which it's attached is moving) I can't have the AnimNotify in the Weapon itself.
Instead I could use some generic sockets in the character, but since I'm having different equippable weapons that use the same animations, the animtrails would be generic too. The difference in the trails between attacking for example with a long dagger and a long sword would look awful.