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UDK keeps on crashing need some help

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    UDK keeps on crashing need some help

    Ok so its been a frustrating week or so trying to make UDK run.
    I've already uninstalled and reinstalled stuff, UDK(Nov 2011 version and the Jan 2012),net framework,ati drivers..

    It was working fine before(NOV 2011 version) I installed it tried it and for a while didn't use it.Between the time it was last working and now that its crashing I updated my ati graphic drivers twice.

    At first its crashing on startup and it won't load up even the welcome message and the content browser,it just crashes.Then I tried re downloading and reinstalling stuff(I have JAN 2012 version now) and now it starts up but once I closes the welcome message tab or try to press import from the content browser is just freezes then crashes.

    This is the first time I had problem running UDK on my computer so I really have no idea what went wrong,I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me sort it out.

    I have the same problem, waiting on next release.


      I will try:
      Uninstall and delete folder of UDK
      than download and install the latest version of UDK which was good working for you
      than just wait to -update message- appear and update it.