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Strange camera issue post-Windows update

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    Strange camera issue post-Windows update

    Hi all,

    It seems my Windows PC recently updated itself and rebooted while I was away from it during the day. I came home at night and fired up UDK to work on my project. The first thing I noticed is that upon playing in the editor or launching my game type from the command line the camera seems to be constantly looking up, as if i'm steadily increasing the pitch by using the mouse. Nothing was changed between the last working copy of my project and when I noticed this glitch in the code or in the editor. I also fired up a new game, and picked some of the out-of-the-box game types such as UDKGame and UTGame, and it seems to be doing this for all game types across the board.

    Is my UDK installation corrupt? Anyone ever seen/resolved this before?


    I'd try updating or re-installing your mouse drivers. If it's a USB mouse, you might also try plugging it into a different port. It sounds as though your mouse-polling is getting messed up. I've had something similar happen before and it's only affected certain games.

    Hopefully that's it, with an easy fix.