I already have a solution for this problem but wanted to share this problem/crash with the community for those that might stumble upon it.
I am also unsure if this has already been reported, although I was not able to find any topics related to this problem.

For this project I was building a door with matinee and a simple trigger volume, since I had to copy the setup (4 meshes + volume) to several places in the level I tried grouping it and then duplicating it but the matinee didn't stick.
Which meant I would have to create a new matinee setup for every door.

Instead I planned on making a prefab from the setup to see if that would work.
Although, after creating a prefab from the assets and trying to play the level (which worked fine before) it gave a fatal error.
Trying a full build also resulted in getting a fatal error.

Below I'll post some screens of the process and dialogs I got.

>Play from here>

In the end it seemed that the problem was caused by making a prefab from a group,
since when I ungrouped the assets and made a prefab of those it didn't give any errors or crashes.

If anyone would like the log from the moment it crashed, or the file itself I will be able to provide it.