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Jan 2012 build - constant crashes!

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  • Jan 2012 build - constant crashes!


    For some reason, since updating to UDK Jan 2012 build every time I run the editor, it bombs out with Built With UDK has stopped working
    after 2 minutes or so.... plus when loading the last map I was working on.. any ideas?

    Update: Not sure but think it may be linked with LIT mode on the main viewport as that just caused it after I switched back from wireframe! hmmm. Realtime was on too.

    No problems like this before having used the august builds onwards.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Can load my old map now and it doesnt crash since altering the realtime / lit mode settings.


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      happened to me a few times too but just a little, only while loading and re-applying a very complex landscape material. weird how its called "built with UDK"


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        Yeah I wondered about the name change too.

        Bit scared to do massive things now or switch viewport modes lol and hopefully its not happening to too many other people.

        Save often, lose less is our motto lol.


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          I'm getting the same issue when I build maps; I'm using a 1009 landscape with a 2048 texture applied. I get crashes when building lighting with the viewport set to lit, however if I build on unlit and switch over after it doesn't seem to crash*.

          I'm about to update my graphics drivers (ati) and see if that lets me build with lit on.

          Edit: *OK it sometimes crashes ...


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            My bump maps have gone flat... all fine and lumpy before Jan install.

            Online search offers nothing, meh... any suggestions on how to re-phrase my search question?

            Edit... sry i was in full bright DUH. I still have my many wonderful bumps.


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              January 2012 UDK crashed on me with this exact error during its first auto-run right after it installed. "Built With UDK has stopped working" It never made it past the splash screen.

              Though I have successfully loaded the UDK editor by clicking on the editor shortcut in the start menu afterward.

              I don't remember ever seeing "Built with UDK" before this build, and I have been using UDK since February 2010's build.


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                Hmmm another problem! if the editor crashes! it seems to wipe what I'm guessing is the session of amendments? will try to work out just how much.

                The reason I noticed is because I've been saving fine up to the point of crash. Very Odd!


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                  Can you give us any more detail about these crashes? Which OS are you using?


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                    Originally posted by ShelleyF View Post
                    Can you give us any more detail about these crashes? Which OS are you using?
                    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1


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                      Originally posted by ShelleyF View Post
                      Can you give us any more detail about these crashes? Which OS are you using?
                      Windows Vista Home Premium - Service Pack 2

                      Used UDK since August and this problems never cropped up. Regarding further info, is there a log at all that will provide a clue? I was looking but cant remember where I last saw crash logs.


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                        Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1

                        Seems to happen at the end of builds when a material is applied to a landscape and built on lit mode. Building on unlit mode or having no material applied does seem to work but it intermittently crashes when switching to lit mode with an applied material.


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                          Any joy?

                          Still getting constant crashes! and often losing the entire session since last major save. The only way I can ensure I never lose anything is to save regularly... exit and reload udk.

                          I'm going to test with Save All Levels (force) and see if I still lose data.


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                            I've got January (2012) UDK crashes too, but in different case.

                            Crashes allways appear when material window is maximized after minimizing (udk crashes not every time but often). Also framerate in perspective viewport slows down a lot when material window is minimized (and you know that it will crash if you maximize windows back). The same thing appears even if I just open material from content browser, and it's minimized from the start.

                            There is a way to prevent crash: if close minimized material, framerate rise up and you can keep working 'till next "pre-error case".

                            Tested on different maps with different materials.
                            Jan'12 build (x86 and x64). Windows 7 SP 1. DX 9 mode.


                            • #15
                              I am also having my sound occasionally cut completely out in Play-in-Editor with January 2012 UDK. The only way I can get sound back is to close the editor, reopen the editor, and reopen the map and hope it doesn't lose sound again when I go back into the play-in-editor window. (which is hit-and-miss) I have never had this problem with November 2011 or December 2011 UDK.