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Material display problem?

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    Material display problem?

    I am having an issues with the materials within UDK.

    So, What is happening is whenever I create a new material or attempted to edit any aspects of that material, the material jumps back to it's default setting in the view port (blue/gray grid). No matter what I do in the editor, it will always stay blue/gray. If I save changes and exit the material editing window, and then open it back up again, the material looks totally normal and works fine. But if I change anything, it imediatly reverts to it's blue/gray texture. I then have to go through the whole process of saving off the changes and exiting, re-opening the material editing window to see any of the changes. If I apply these materials to a static mesh, it will not appear on the mesh until I save everything off, close UDK, and then re-open it.

    I hope I explained that well enough. It's getting very annoying.

    Do I just have something set up wrong or is this some odd bug?

    What video card and OS are you running? Also, I would recommend closing down ALL background applications you have running before launching the UDK and see if that fixes your issue. (Be quite thorough about that, anything your OS doesn't need to run).

    Also, what happens when you edit a material that comes packaged with the UDK? Do you get the same results?