It seems like whenever a servertravel map change/restart is performed the clientside states of any fluid surface actors in the map get screwed.

After the map change/restart has been performed clientside the fluid surface actor ceases to respond to any kind of interaction. On a client "reconnect" to the server the fluid surface actor becomes responsive again and interacts to the impulses again.

The following issue for a "SceneCaptureReflectActor" with a default "TextureRenderTarget2d" Material applied to it reflecting the scene is happening. When "Light Shafts" are enabled for the "DominantDirectionalLight" and one approaches closer to the "SceneCaptureReflectActor" plane, at a certain range the Light Shafts suddenly start to flicker excessively when looking around at the reflection...

Any ideas or suggestions on how to bypass the above described issues ?