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DX11 Cubemap Actors acting "funky"

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    DX11 Cubemap Actors acting "funky"

    So I found out this issue when in DX11 mode when using Cubemap Actors. Here are some pictures to illustrate the problem.

    DX9 Cubemap Actor with RenderTargetCube assigned.

    DX11 Cubemap Actor with RenderTargetCube assigned.

    DX9 Static Cubemap from same Cubemap Actor.

    DX11 Static Cubemap from same Cubemap Actor.

    So the problem is easily seen, and this is fixed right after I switch back to DX9, so it has to be some sorta issue having to do with UDK in DX11. Note that this is the November 2011 UDK (Latest), and I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    If there is any more info you need, don't hesitate to ask!

    Edit1: Also the settings for each actor are exactly the same.

    This has been a problem ever since DX11 was released for UDK.

    There is no fix as of yet. Not sure why.


      Ahh I see. Well hopefully this gets addressed sometime, as well as all the other Direct3D 11 issues....


        I have the exact same problem, anyone know a workaround for this? My water texture looks extremely dull now...


          For a workaround, you could create the cubemaps in DX9 and use them in DX11. You'll only get static cubemaps, but they should work.