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2 MAJOR iOS Lighting Issues

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    Ok, I got the bug to work

    I just did a test though with a real scene (all static meshes) and with preview lighting I'm not getting the issue. I'll test production and see what happens


      Darth, I modify the DefaultLightmass.ini like this:



      btw, i like baking with LightmapCompression set to False (it's true in the above cut-n-paste from troubleshooting)


        Finished with production and still can't get the issue on my other level. I don't know what's different about that level that it doesn't have the issue, but the default level has the issue.


          Maybe there's some default settings on it that causes it. I know the template maps have a lot of custom settings that may cause problems if you aren't aware of them.

          If you haven't already, make sure that there's not a lot of environment lighting in the world properties that overrides the lighting's color.


            Hi Gray, if you look at the images in my post above, even if the environment lighting was overriding the direct, it would still be a warm color (since it is an orange-ish color along with the direct light).
            I have compensated for it in my project by making my direct light a blue color...which, oddly, creates a nice warm direct light
            weird huh?


              Sorry to show up late to the party here, but I'm reasonably certain that the DevOptions aren't intended to be played with, hence.. DevOptions Also, Dominant lighting doesn't work in any mobile build I've ever seen, I've always assumed it's nonfunctional on mobile.