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Fractured Meshes can cause broken saves and corrupted maps

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    Fractured Meshes can cause broken saves and corrupted maps

    It is rather rare but I can pretty reliably re-produce the error with the following conditions.

    1) take any static mesh which is currently in the scene, go to it in content and create a fractured mesh (settings for the fracture don't seem to matter).
    2) Save the fractured mesh into package of your choice.
    3) select original staticmesh in scene and fractured mesh in content browser, then like a newb use the replace with right-click function to replace it with your newly created fractured mesh.
    4) This should work fine, and you won't realize there is a problem until you try to save the map. At this point for me in my very large map I have a 50/50 chance of the save pretending to finish and then when I go to continue working I get the crash. Upon re-opening the map I get another crash, and at this point I realized the save corrupted the map making it un-openable. Hopefully you have a backup.

    Conclusion: After much experimentation I think the fault lies with step 3. If I try to replace just 1 static mesh at a time, it works without error about half the time. If I try to replace with multiple statics at the same time It is usually a gauranteed corrupted map file.

    Work-Around: Don't use the replace with menu item when using fractured meshes. Use the convert to option instead. I realized that this is probably standard procedure in hindsight, since the convert only works after you have created the new fractured asset which is a nice feature. In any case, this makes the problematic method described above redundant, since I have yet to experience any problem with the convert option even with multiple meshes selected.

    Suggestion for further development: Get rid of the replace with in regards to fractured meshes, or fix the problem it has with multiple meshes. Its a very scary bug since it has the possibility of really messing up your months of work in one fell swoop if you don't have adequate backups.