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A thought on material masks

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    that's what the Opacity Mask Clip Value is for, you control at which point in the gradient it becomes transparent
    Masks are for yes-and-no clipping, I fail to see how it becomes more or less efficient if you change the gradient and the mask cutoff point, but I might just not be seeing what you want it for

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  • started a topic A thought on material masks

    A thought on material masks

    So I was thinking earlier, When you create an opacity mask in UDK at what point does the mask decide whether to render a pixel or not? So to find this out I did an experiment. =D
    When I create a opacity mask it usually goes into the alpha channel on the diffuse, spec or normal of that texture, meaning the texture is saved as a 32bit TGA, but in that alpha channel I can have a gradient from black to white which could essentially be my spec. so to find out what range I could get I created a gradient texture and plugged it into the opacity mask in UDK.

    Turns out the range on UDK to mask something kicks in at R,G,B: 158'ish, giving you a fair bit of gradient that would otherwise go wasted, would it be more efficent to change it so that the mask cut off point would be much closer to black? that way you could have almost a full range of the gradient to use in a spec or mix to make a more efficient shader.