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Terrain and painting issues.

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    Terrain and painting issues.

    Well my first issue is below. I paint some of my dark dirt material into my lighter dirt material for a nice mixed effect (works in other areas of the map) but then it pops up this

    Then my second issue is there is sections of my terrain I cannot paint. (I am using a map I made in paint as reference of where to paint. The map is the base material then I am using the actual materials in udk to make the land.)
    I was trying to put sand down where the water is going to be as well sand is at the bottom of the ocean. Then I ran into this

    It is like something is blocking the sand...I googled the issue and found that restarting after a save should fix it.
    After restarting the problem areas appeared like below

    They became large rectangles of my ice material. To try to fix it I deleted the Ice material layer from the terrain as it wasnt in use. But the patches didn't go away. I even deleted the material entirely and then came back after a save all and restart.

    Both problems are pretty much breaking the map at the any help would be wonderful

    for your first problem with the rainbow colors i think it has to do with the ammount of textures you use on a terrain! i think 6 is the max you can have.
    Another possible reason for it could be that you need to save your package first then it will fix it.