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Matinee camera issue

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    Matinee camera issue

    hi all

    I have an issue and I don't know how to handle it

    I have a Matinee, with 3 cameras. I set the keys, I play it, looks good, I close matinee and re-open it and the keys are all messed up, 2 cameras are messed a bit, and one camera a lot

    see the video below I Recorded the screen before closing the Matinee window, with the keys properly set and then after they were messed up
    The only thing I did was to close Matinee window
    When watching the video below, there will be few sec of inactivity, so just watch it patiently, it's 20 sec

    I Use UDK Aug 2011. What am I doing wrong? thanks!

    just noticed the link wasn't public, my bad, should work oK now