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Broken light shafts

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    Broken light shafts

    I'm not sure quite when this problem began, but it may have been a result of updating my display drivers. It used to be fine.

    Basically I get a hideous visual effect from light shafts at the edge of the effect. It's hugely distracting.

    This happens on every version of UDK since light shafts were introduced, but the problem itself only started a few months ago.

    I'm running a Radeon 5750. I got a chance to try it on a friend's system, running another card in the same series, with the same result and up-to-date drivers. However, another friend played my game on a 5700, and did not have this issue. His drivers were definitely not up to date. I haven't had a chance to try it on any Nvidia cards yet.

    Also, I dual-boot so I can confirm that this isn't particular to my installation of windows somehow (although the above confirms that anyway).

    Anyone else experienced this, or have a fix? God it's ugly.

    Happens to me to . . .

    5870 with Catalyst 11.9 . . .


      Same here. 2 Radeon 5770's Crossfired, catalyst 11.9

      The 11.9 drivers also messed some stuff up with Marmoset.


        I don't have that problem , I use catalyst 10.12 on a radeon hd4850 which to me seems like the most stable driver leading up to 11.9 . I am hoping that 11.10 will be more stable .


          We had this problem recently at work on some Radeons - I think updating to the latest drivers fixed the problem for them.


            So yeah, I just reverted back to my old drivers for the card, which has fixed the problem. So now I'm using CCC version 11.5

            However, now I am getting a problem where my perspective viewport is going super slow when I've got any sort of lighting in it. However, when I do 'play from here' everything runs perfectly fine.


              Thanks, rolling back to 11.5 fixed it for me too. I'm not having the perspective viewport lag issue you're having.