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It opens then crashes

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    It opens then crashes

    I install UDK 7-11. After its installed i run it. It loads up but all the windows that open for it are blank and a windows message window opens saying that it crashed. I'm using it on Windows 7 home with 6 GB of ram and a terabyte hard drive. Why isn't it working?

    are you running other applications at the same time, i'll tell you something UDK always works for me but once i was using 3ds max and i was working with alot of
    vertices anyway after i was also listening to a music in youtube anyway i tried to import a skeletal mesh and it crashed but that's not all after that i reopened UDK
    and then it would crash on it's own what i did i restarted my pc and it all worked fine, let me know what is your problem are you running multiple pages at the same time ?