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PostProcessing AA interfering with PostProcess Materials

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  • PostProcessing AA interfering with PostProcess Materials

    I have a couple of PostProcess Materials set up in my custom PPChain and they are activated and interacted with through script. As an example, they look similar to what is explained in this HUD Gem:

    I recently switched over to the September build from an earlier June build. I saw that the new Post Process Anti Aliasing Effect ( ) had been added a couple of builds back, so I turned that feature on and tested my game with it. With the PPAA turned on, none of my HUD materials show up during game-play. As soon as I turn off PPAA(under any setting), they work perfectly fine.

    Is this an engine issue or a Uscript issue? Wasn't sure if I should of posted this in the Programming sub-forum.


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    yeah it does something and it messes up with the MaterialEffects on the chain. I fixed that on my end by changing the order they are on in the chain. I can't remember if I put all of the MaterialEffects before or after the node that has the PPAA


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      Putting the MaterialEffects BEFORE the UberPostProcessChain(This contains the PPAA) solved the issue!

      Thanks, Chosker!