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Nvidia GT 540/Optimus Problem

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    Nvidia GT 540/Optimus Problem

    My Video Card is causing major problems with udk.

    I have a Nvidia GT 540M. it also uses intel integrated graphics, since it has the "Optimus Technology" Drivers.
    When set to Intel, UDK works, but skips badly. when set to Nvidia, there is no skipping,but when I try to use the content browser, UDK freezes.

    I saw one post about this before but I havent been able to find an answer to the freezing problem. has anyone been able to use the high graphics
    processor without a freezing content browser?

    apparently, a bios update fixes the problem.

    UDK works flawlessly far....


      I had exactly the same problem and it was caused by the fact that I set vertical sync to force off in nvidia control panel.
      As soon as I set it back to 'use the 3d app settings' that problem disappeared.