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    Demorec issues

    I noticed the other day that the old console command to record a demo has some issues.

    1.) When you playback a demo the weapon firing sounds are missing. Impact sounds are ok, it's just the firing sound. I seem to recall you had this problem in UT3 but then it got fixed. Looks like it's back.

    2.) The HUD displays the players health and ammo but doesn't update them. Team HUD is displayed and updated fine. So it seems that either the info should be updated or that section of the HUD should be removed from demos. Your call guys!

    Anyway, thanks again for a great game engine! Thanks for Mac OSX support and looking forward to next months new features! Maybe landscape on mobile.....

    Is this issue still present? I need demo/replay functionality for a game I want to make, so it is crucial this works. If it doesn't, is it a bug with the engine itself or just some unrealscript?