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Unreal Lightmass error

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    Unreal Lightmass error

    Running Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit and I get this error everytime I try to build lightning in UDK:

    2:33:08 PM: Starting up SwarmAgent ...
    2:33:09 PM: ... registering SwarmAgent with remoting service
    2:33:09 PM: ... registering SwarmAgent network channels
    2:33:09 PM: [ERROR] Channel already registered, suggesting another SwarmAgent or client is running.
    2:33:09 PM: [ERROR] If you feel this is in error, check your running process list for additional copies of
    2:33:09 PM: [ERROR] SwarmAgent or UnrealLightmass (or other client) and consider killing them.
    2:33:09 PM: [ERROR] Sleeping for a few seconds and trying again...

    It even shows this off of a clean boot. Any way to fix this?

    1) Can you please tell us more about your PC?; Win XP/32bit and.....?.

    2) Re-install UDK ,make sure important assets saved and then you delete everything and I mean everything have to do with UDK in your PC, then do a clean re-install. Most of the time,this solve my issues right away...there are times when additional fix is required;nevertheless,try this well known approach.