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Learning's a good idea now??

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    Learning's a good idea now??

    Hi to all I'm new to udk and I'm learnig it by few days ( I was unig unity before but I did not like it so much) but now I have a question..

    it's a good idead to learning udk now due to UE 4 is out??

    i'm making many tutorials and bought several books and videotutorials but I'm afraid I'm using my time badly ..

    I'm a level designer/mapper firstly so I dont want to wast time and resources to learn something is dying...
    I'm not very good at programming so I want to study unuscript/c++ a bit but I mainly want to create my games/levels throught the use of kismet/blueprints..

    So..My question is...

    Can I create a complete project ( My long term objective is an adventure/horror game with rpg and survival elements) with the only use of kismet+very little scripting ( I need to create collectale objects, crafting them, inventory system,enemy behaviors, etc) or Is a better choice to jumpt directly to UE4 and support my creations with blueprints

    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english...


    an rpg with udk will definitely require a lot of unreal script.
    ue4 could probably do it with blueprints


      ok but I need a very little inventory system..not a rpg in the strict sense of the terms..

      do you think can I afford that with blueprints in UE4?

      is now possible after studing it of course) create a complete game project with UE4 or maybe in best to work on udk due most tutorials, project etc??

      is there a way and a place where I can downlaod UDK shooreel demo project so I can open them into udk editor and use them to my learinng pourposes ???


        do you think can I afford that with blueprints in UE4?
        There's already tuts showing inventory system with blueprints, scaleform takes a lot of time to master, wich is the only aviable tool wich would grant you the fastest results in a short amount of times, but games don't understand of small amounts of time, unless they are as tiny as pong : ).


          So Unrealscript is harder than C++? This is why Blueprint is better than Kismet for example? I thought Blueprint was better because it offered more freedom, more customization and C++ runs faster than UScript since UScript is a higher level language based on C++?


            Right now UE4 is quite buggy and has a number of issues. UDK has tons of documentation and tutorials available and you can pretty much get whatever you need done in faster time. Just my two cents worth