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Multiplayer over the Internet

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    I know I was raving about this because it was the only explanation I had seen, and at the time I had no clues whatsoever.

    However I can't help you out because I haven't got this far with my project yet, sorry, good luck.

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    I'm having issues getting this to work out-of-the-box if you have any ideas:

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    Fantastisch, wunderbar!!!!! (and that's all the German I know...)

    This is exactly what I've been looking for! Your tut leaves no doubt about the whole process, thank you!

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  • started a topic Multiplayer over the Internet

    Multiplayer over the Internet

    1. introduction
    This tutorial shows you how to setup your server for games over the internet. Sorry if my english is not the best,just correct me over PM .
    If you still have problems or questions post it below.

    2. understand the network
    This tutorial should cover all general problems so I start with the basics.

    <IP PC>
    is the network address of your PC or if you use multiple machines the address of your server. It’s not
    You can simple use cmd->ipconfig to find the address of your pc. In my case it’s

    <IP Router>
    is the Address of your router inside your local network. In most cases the first 3 blocks are the same as in

    <IP PC>
    and the last block is “1”. If that’s not the case you can type the following in your cmd.
    “tracert” the first result should be the address of your router.

    <IP Global>
    is the external address of your router. It’s the only address in this setup which can be accessed over the internet.
    The simplest way to find it is to use websites like

    3. pack and install the game
    just a small checklist:
    - Pack your game on your dev-pc
    - Share the created installer (It’s important that all clients and your server have used the same installer).

    4. setup portforwarding
    now you need to setup portforwarding to forward requests from <IP Global> to your server.
    I can’t really help you with this step because it depends on your router but in most cases it works over an webinterface. Just type <IP Router> in your webbrowser.

    Just google for help.

    The default udk port is 7777 but you can also use custom ports. I used 1234.
    (custom ports are used to run multiple server on a single machine)

    5. start your server
    create an shortcut to your udk.exe and add the following parameters
    ...\udk.exe server MapName.udk
    And I you used a custom port
    ...\udk.exe server MapName.udk?port=1234

    6. connect a client
    Now you clients can connect from all over the world. With start paramerters like you start your server.
    ...\udk.exe <IP Global>
    ...\udk.exe <IP Global>:1234
    Or ingame over the command line
    open <IP Global>
    open <IP Global>:1234