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CamStudio Configuration Guide

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    CamStudio Configuration Guide


    Camstudio is a great free screen recorder but it can difficult to get a decent quality picture with a high enough framerate.
    after much trial and error, Keifyb came up with these settings that seem to work pretty well.
    as a backup for me and to help anyone struggling (geodav) here it is. the video codec and its settings is very important.

    *Note, the audio does drift slightly out of sync on longer videos, probably some messing with the audio settings might fix this.

    have fun, please feel free to tell everyone if you can make it even better

    now thats what i call helpful

    thanks Tegleg, i never even released you could change the config of the xvid codex, though i must admit using a 4-core computer works better than a dual-core


      I get a Note message saying Camtasia cannot record avi using the current compressor (XVid) ... in ether window of custom size. It kindly offers me to set it back to the default codec instead.


        this is for CamStudio, not Camtasia