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Lens Flares in UDK

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    Lens Flares in UDK

    Hey everyone,

    I've finally gotten back to making new tutorials for imbueFX. This new one is 30 minute breakdown on making a simple anamorphic prime lens flare in UDK. And it's free! Check it out and please provide your feedback.


    I'll definitely watch this ASAP. I was looking for a proper Lens Flare Tutorial.


      On behalf of all gamers, please guys, for the love of god, please use this responsibly.


        LOL, I actually end the tutorial with a similar warning. It's very easy to go overboard with lens flares and to **** off your players.


          I know that this is an old thread (also still very useful), but given that the lens flare is an actor, i'd be curious how one would attach it to the sun of a dominant directional light (for a map with a day/night cycle).

          Any ideas would be welcome



            This snippet from Jetfire might be of interest...


            What I think you're asking is, how do I sync the Lensflare to player location so that it matches the projection of the sundisc on the skydome, as linking to the Dynamic DDL directly doesn't help overlay it.

            BTW: Did you get the bloom sorted in the other thread?