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New DVD - UnrealScript Masterclass - Part 3 - Re-creating Assault in UDK

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  • New DVD - UnrealScript Masterclass - Part 3 - Re-creating Assault in UDK

    Hi Everyone! Back by popular demand, James Tan continues his UnrealScript Masterclass Series. Thank you for your support and feedback!

    More information on the product page here:

    Youtube Video Link

    DVD Description:
    In this DVD James Tan continues his series on re-creating Assault in UDK. James uses his 13 years of experience with Unreal Technology and Global UDK Educator with Epic, to demystify custom UDK game creation using UnrealScript. He starts by explaining how to update to a newer revision of UDK, adding Pickups, adding an Announcer, Scaleform, Navigation Meshes, Way Points, Upgrading the Task System, AI Overview, AI and Kismet, and some final words.

    This DVD is an amazing resource for those looking to customize their games using UnrealScript.

    DVD Chapters:
    00 - 02min - Introduction
    01 - 14min - How to Update to a Newer Revision of UDK
    02 - 48min - Adding Pickups
    03 - 24min - How to Add the Announcer
    04 - 31min - Scaleform Introduction
    05 - 27min - Navigation Meshes and Way Points
    06 - 13min - Upgrades to the Task System
    07 - 65min - AI Overview and Discussion
    08 - 22min - AI and Kismet
    09 - 05min - Last Changes and Final Words

    Total Time - over 4 Hours

    About the Instructor:
    James Tan has worked with Unreal Technology for 13 years and specializes in programming. He has also traveled across the world with Epic Games demonstrating UDK. James currently works in his own studio called "Digital Confectioners" and has worked on such titles as "The Ball", "The Haunted", and "Cube".

    About Eat 3D:
    Eat 3D has been feeding your brain for over 4 years with some of the highest quality training that exists. Our goal is to provide you with the best education and get straight to the point with practical real world exercises that professionals actively use in production.

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    Each one better than the last! Are you going to taunt us with a 4th?


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      Wow these are coming out quickly, I'll be grabbing my copy when my next Student loan comes in


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        I've been looking for a refresher course and this looks perfect! Will be buying the bundle tonight.
        I'm also wondering if there's plans for more in the series.

        I noticed in the preview that James had Subversion installed, it would be great if you covered a recommended version control workflow for collaborative projects.
        (e.g. what files should be version controled, recommended contents/structure of packages for version control, what other files should be locked when editing maps, etc)
        All the UDK subversion guides I've seen have just told you how to setup the repository.

        I don't know how popular that topic would be though since it mostly concerns groups rather than individuals. I'm just registering my interest.

        Many thanks for this guys!
        Has anyone ever told you how kick-@$$ your intro music is by the way?


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          I talked about our SVN setup here at Digital Confectioners in this thread.

          I recommend Subversion with Tortoise SVN but that is just a personal taste. Perforce is also a possible option, now that it is free for a good number of seats.


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            I thought about using two repos, but I wanted to keep it simple for the end user and my chosen Project Management System only supports one repo per project.
            But I'd never heard of svn:externals before! Thanks, this is definitely worth looking into!

            I didn't know that Perforce was now free for the 1st 20 users either. I recall reading somewhere that UDK had native Perforce integration which is tempting, but unfortunately my team is bigger than 20. Having said that, I've just read that there is one SCC plugin that works, so I'll have to give that a go. I want to keep version control as simple as possible since most of my team haven't used it before.

            Thanks again!


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              Hi James,

              I've come across an issue when trying to pick up the first bomb and the screen freezes just as I approach the bomb, then it crashes!
              Not sure if its something to do with the way I've set it up. The one thing I did differently from you because I'm not using visual studio was to just overwrite the ini files with the ones in the eat3d folder, could that be a problem ?
              I'm using Windows 7 64 bit,
              AMD black edition Quad core chip,
              ATI 5 series Graphics card,
              6 gig ram,
              8 terabytes hard drives

              Any possible suggestions would be great


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                It depends on what UDK version you're using. Using the wrong set of ini files with the wrong UDK version can cause problems.


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                  Originally posted by Solid Snake View Post
                  It depends on what UDK version you're using. Using the wrong set of ini files with the wrong UDK version can cause problems.
                  Thanks for the quick response.I've narrowed it down to the berserk pick-up, not the bomb. I'm using the March 2012 build and going over the tutorials I realise you did make some alterations to the ini's
                  Its clearly a dumb mistake on my behalf but luckily I had backed up the whole UDK directory and so now I'm going to go through the video with meticulous detail.

                  Thanks again for the speedy reply and I'll let you know on this thread when its running