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Free UnrealScript basics tutorial

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  • Free UnrealScript basics tutorial

    Made by yours truly, link in my sig.

    It's meant for those people who wish to learn unrealscript and haven't programmed before. I've always felt more people could be taught to program with better education (which my time as a teaching assistant only confirmed) so this is me giving it a shot.
    I'm not covering everything as that would be impossible. My aim is to get people to the point were they can understand most code and figure what they don't out for themselves.

    Please let me know what you think, I've only just finished it so it probably needs some refining in places.

  • #2
    That's really good thank you for this book, instead of writing log in the hello world exec function you could do a client message that would be more of a hello world program if you get what i mean


    • #3
      Yes I thought about using ClientMessage but it would make the beginning more complex. That was exactly what I was trying to avoid so I decided not to.

      It's not a book though :P


      • #4
        had a quick look at the first few pages, will read the rest later, looks good and please keep it as simple as posible for people like me


        • #5
          Sure, just let me know were you run into issues.


          • #6
            Sorry i thought you were going to publish it as a book it would have been a good one if you did but either way as a blog or anything else it is great , youa re right it's better to keep log the more simple it is the better it is, at least it can help to understand the syntax