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Blender exporting to UDK: works perfectly!

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  • Blender exporting to UDK: works perfectly!


    I do not have the skills to write a tutorial about that. However, if anyone do that, I have to say it works very nicely, thanks to a PSK/PSA script developed by Darknet, VendorX, Optimus_P-Fat, Active_Trash and Sinsoft.

    A model I just imported from Blender:

    However, you have to follow these guidelines:
    -The model have to have just one mesh and one armature. Use "Join" to unite the mesh, and parent the main bone of all armatures to just one main armature.
    -You have to do an "Apply" in all transforms before exporting.
    -After exporting, UDK will import the mesh and the materials, but not the textures. You have to open the Content Browser again, import the Texture image files and assign them to the materials.
    -For the animation to work, ALL THE VERTEX must have been assigned to some bone, even if the bone is static.

    When running Blender, run "blender -d" for verbose mode. Whenever there is any export error, the script will show it in the console window for you to correct.

    ps: You also have to activate the add-on by going in File -> User Preferences-> Add-ons and check the script "Import-export: export unreal engine format (psk/psa)". I'm using Blender 2.59.

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    Is there any way to make the script only export the stuff in the currently active layer or does it always have to be the whole scene?


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      The script exports the whole scene if it has a single object, or exports the selected object/mesh.


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        Is this for 2.59? And would there be a link to the extension, or is it integrated? Last I checked, I thought Darknet and Optimus had different scripts... Been awhile since I've looked into it tho, and it looks very promising! And finally, does this work with multiple animations? That's the real kicker imo; I've been telling my team to just stick with 2.49b for animating.


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          It was made for 2.58, but I used it in 2.59.
          I just compared the 2.0 version (with updates by Vendor X) and the 2.3 (with more updates by Darknet)
          Just for these two versions, it was my impression that the last one is a super-set from the first. I don't know if there is a separate branch by Optimus.
          Indeed, I still have to test the animations (PSA) part.


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            The script comes with a vanilla install of Blender 2.57 and above, it's officially supported and just needs to be enabled in the addon settings.


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              Thanks hexa and Crusha!


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                Contrary to what I said before, apparently, animations do work.

                What I missed is that all vertex must be assigned to some bone. Even if the vertex doesn't move in the animation, you need to create a static bone for them.


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                  I see you guys still using the blender 2.49. As well for the many version of blender.

                  The Optimus script that I improve the bone location and rotation from it. AS well for the animations. It was kind odd way exported.

                  There was a a lot changes from
                  Vendor X and other person I forgot the name that improve it a bit.

                  It was quite hard for me to understand how the format works as I just haven't time to debug the code well. From the improve version. I wanted to try to improve the older scripts. Just I hope I get set my mind to work.


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                    My animation arms are still twisted. All vertexes belong to a group.