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Propper 3D menu Without Scaleform

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    Propper 3D menu Without Scaleform


    Check this.
    A Real 3d Menu for you, and with none of that scaleform nonsense to boot.

    Heres the code my new blog

    heres a vid

    if you have any problems Please Dont pm me, ask on here.

    Have Fun.
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    ooooh looks cool gonna give this a watch thanks!!!!!!


      Can't you just place any Actor you want and capture it's TakeDamage with a Kismet Node and let that do all the stuff?


        This introduces all kinds of interesting possibilities for a map based menu system. Can you make it work with touch to confirm your choice instead of using weapon fire?



          yes you could make it work with touch or bump as well as or instead of takedamage.


            How would I make it respond to "Use"?


              Originally posted by Kelt'ar View Post
              How would I make it respond to "Use"?
              In Kismet there is an "Used" event or something if I remember correctly. Or then there was a trigger specifically for "using".

              You can create a level like any other and create the menu system within as demonstrated in this tutorial. Anyone remember how you played the Mario worlds to choose the next level to go through? Or Spyro where you need to go through portals to access each level?


                I was actually trying to do something like that for a FFVIII style world map, with a Fallout II mechanic for random encounters

                the actual places had a command to open a level on use.

                And each zone had a gigantic trigger that periodically tested a randon variable for as long as it was being touched, and depending on the result either nothing happened or a small "randon encounter" map was loaded.

                Unfortunatelly I HavenĀ“t really implemented a save system, so after the random encounter or on completing a level the player aways returned to the same place in the world map.

                I will try to make the world map work, this weekend.

                If I manage do you guys think there is demand for a tutorial on it?

                or all the resources for making those gigantic landscapes, make an openworld, like fallout 3, much better?


                  Any update on how it can be edited so that you can click 'E' or 'Use' and it will load up the level?


                    you could try modifying the use function in your player controller to look for the button closest to the player pawn or given distance or on Touch or whatever, then fire the buttons code from there.