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UDK Mobile documentation!

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    UDK Mobile documentation!

    Are you ready to make amazing mobile games with the UDK?!? Well, we're ready to help you!!

    Let's start off with some UDN documentation:

    Getting started with Unreal Engine 3 for Mobile may seem intimidating at first, but there is a lot of info out there (and lots of friendly, helpful people around here) if you have questions. Here are some links to pages that you will find useful:

    UDN Mobile Home is a good place to get started; there are many links to different facets of developing for mobile devices.

    Creating Mobile Content

    • Creating Materials for Mobile Platforms is a must-read for making sure the awesome materials you make can be viewed properly both in the editor and when you get it to your device.

    Deploying UDK Content to Your Device
    • You can view your content on your mobile device using the iPhonePackager to handle signing and provisioning. Note: You must be a registered iOS developer in order to complete the signing and provisioning process.

    And there's so much more where that came from- when in doubt, check Unreal Engine 3 for Mobile or UDN Mobile Home.

    Now go make something Unreal!


    And here comes the DEC build!

    UDK Remote Released:


      Is this a last update for UDK?


        Is this a last update for UDK?
        Haha, nope, UDK if you noticed is still in Beta and the final release is probably not going to be for a while. Which actually is pretty good due to now we get a nice update every month.