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Starter Guide (New to Unreal and the UDK?)

This is a sticky topic.
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    Originally posted by BoJanglez View Post
    Just started looking at UDK, and getting pretty excited about the possibilities of what it can do!
    I've been searching for info on how to import a vehicle to use as my 'character' using searches such as vehicle import, car, driveable vehicle.
    Any suggestions on where I should be looking?!
    Thanks heaps and this is an excellent forum!



      I think Mougli's tutorial are very good "filling gaps" (in a summary form), gaps that a lot of other tutorials have (even the official docus)


        Lots of good info and links in this thread. Looks like I have got a lot of reading to do.


          ok i'm new to unreal development kit and i've been reading everywhere that u can import characters and meshes from maya and 3ds max well i don't have the money to buy said programs to make characters and meshes for udk is those the only two programs to get characters and meshes from or is their anyway to make them in the udk can someone help me out


            Dn2; thanks for the link.


              Are there any more recent UDK Interface/Basics tutorials?

              Reason I'm asking :
              All the ones I checked out that were mentioned in the stickies are from 2009/2010 (even the ones at 3DBuzz).
              Also, I'm more of a coder, too much Game Editor clicking in boxes gives me claustrophobia. So I'm not looking to spend extra time on a hunt down chase in the latest interface, what's done/said in an old video.

              Unless I'm wrong of course because nothing has changed since 2009/2010 in the UDK Interface.


                the 3dbuzz tutorials are a little outdated in places, but they are still very usefull, usually the difference is where something appears in a menu or something, so its simple to work out.
                mougli has a good set of unreal script tutorials to get you started, he covers most of the basics you might need, there is also a good book written by Angel_Mapper (rachel something)


                  Thanks for responding. (During the Holidays too.)
                  Found the tuts by mougli, and I'll check out Angel_Mapper's book at the book shop (when they have it on the shelf).
                  That would have scripting covered.

                  But I'm going to find a fresher UDK interface and workflow tut than the others.

                  Happy New Year to you and all others.


                    hi, im new in this so the first thing than i need to do is learn how to make 3d models with 3ds max, sculpture with mudbox, export this to udk; when i finish this level then i learn about UDK, im right?