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Starter Guide (New to Unreal and the UDK?)

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    Starter Guide (New to Unreal and the UDK?)

    Being new to the Unreal engine and the UDK, One may be temped to ask the question "Can I make [insert name of game/game types or genre here]", when it should be more along the lines of "How can I...".

    But then all the new comers would just switch the question and it wont be much of a difference.

    The Idea is when someone ask a question like this...they can be sent here to get started in exploring the Unreal universe with no previous knowledge of the sort, actually make progress, and answer their own basic questions while learning the tools.

    What you may need to do.

    1. Check out the Master Guide.

    2. Get familiar with the tools. Searching for info, Tutorials, Just using/playing around with them.

    3. Do specific tutorials. Do Basic Mapping,or Getting Started with the Unreal Development Kit (by Raven) or Creating Levels (UDN). for Lighting, materials, etc.
    Then try An entire (very basic) UDK game (Hourences) (If its too hard do some more reading and try at a later time)

    4. Do More "Advanced" tutorials. For these check the UDK documentation sticky,, Unreal Engine 3 Video Tutorials, Use the forum search and use

    5. Learn the elements of the Unreal engine, the UDK, 3D modeling/designing and what they do and how they are used. (Using steps 1 to 4 you should be able to make test maps and actors, import media and resources that you can edit, learn from and mess around with in the UDK)

    6. Now you may be able the create a theory on how these elements can be used to bring your vision to life. Knowing what your tools are, what "raw materials" you can use and how they can be used together then can you only know what is possible.

    Mods and Admins, delete if posted already somewhere, or unnecessary, feel free to modify. If it is useful I will try to clean it up and try to keep it updated. (will do a better detailed one soon...if its a good idea >__> it?)

    Originally posted by Dn2 View Post
    ... Use the forum search and use
    Especially when your search term is below four characters e.g. AI, UI, RTS, RPG, etc

    Code: RPG


      Originally posted by guineapig View Post
      Especially when your search term is below four characters e.g. AI, UI, RTS, RPG, etc

      Code: RPG
      good point!


        Hi all I am very new to UDK and this community. Maybe my first impression on the matter is of some value. (sorry if I'm not in the appropriated place)

        I see a great struggle from the community to find/provide quality information. With such a complex tool this is a comprehensive issue.

        I think what could really work things out is a "Getting started - first game tutorial" kind of thing. Something that would rush the reader/viewer through all steps of making a simple *game* (not a map) without worrying too much with the details. The ones I saw were really nice, but they only show how to use an editor, (click here to add a cool monster! and click here to shoot him like in a real game!) while the most important information for starters is "what role does this editor has in the making of my game?" and we can learn the details later.

        I understand all information IS available, but it is hard to find.

        Anyway, I'm sure all these things will be improved with time. It is all very new

        (BTW, apparently most of this quality information requires licensee log in )


          We'd also like to thank everyone for their continued feedback on the guide. We're taking notes on what you liked and what you thought was missing for use in future updates and possibly a version for advanced users


            Originally posted by Stuart View Post
            We'd also like to thank everyone for their continued feedback on the guide. We're taking notes on what you liked and what you thought was missing for use in future updates and possibly a version for advanced users
            How would this "version for advanced users" differ from the normal one?


              what i found curious is the lack of specific and precise info on how to make a totally different game with one's own classes and assets and such...
              a way to say.. ok, you have to create your own game folder on Development\Src\ with the name of your game and then a \Classes folder and there will be your source code...

              in different tutorials they guide you to using scripts in different folders, setting .ini files in different ways... with no one being a Definitive and explaining exactly wich is the *correct* and proper way to actually go ahead with a serious development...

              anyway, my random thoughts

              kind regards

              pd: english isnt my native languagee, pardon any mistakes


                No, they ALL have the same things for creating your new code package. What differs is what code you're writing for them. And that will always be different depending on what you are designing/building. And the correct way for doing what you want to do, depends entirely on what YOU want to do not what someone else wants to do.


                  Originally posted by Dn2 View Post
                  link broken


                    they changed up the site a bit...try this link


                      Just started looking at UDK, and getting pretty excited about the possibilities of what it can do!
                      I've been searching for info on how to import a vehicle to use as my 'character' using searches such as vehicle import, car, driveable vehicle.
                      Any suggestions on where I should be looking?!
                      Thanks heaps and this is an excellent forum!



                        Geodav has some useful video tutorials regarding custom "characters", which includes a vehicle tutorial.

                        I would also advice you to go through the official UDK video tutorials from 3d Buzz, as they give you a very thorough walkthrough of the UDK interface and what it's capable of.

                        When you're ready to get into scripting, that's a different matter however. I have yet to find some really decent scripting lessons that explain the code syntax in detail, and unless you're familiar with object-oriented programming this will be a tough step to get through.


                          Hi Guys,

                          So I have just found out about UDK, and I must say it looks fantastic! I just have two question, is it compatible with Blender? I have a few models and such that I would like to use in a small game (For myslef) but I don't want to go through the pains of making them again. So is it possible to import my models from Blender into UDK?
                          And can it do everything I could do with 3DS Max? You see I live in South Africa so to buy 3DS Max for $3,500 is just to expensive (Its equal to one whole month's salary, and thats a decent job as well)
                          So I have to find use a lot of open source tools. I want to be able to create a level and some bots and make animations and such... can I do that in UDK alone?



                            Tutorial on importing into UDK from Blender:


                              Hi there!

                              Just in time for novembers release of the UDK 2010, and i must say,
                              i am impressed by the video i just saw! Releasing this tool is
                              generosity beyond words.