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My cheatSheet of key things about UDK

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    My cheatSheet of key things about UDK

    So i have it.... there.

    My experience with UDK 4 years+ what most errors come from: " And the only ones i had "


    1- Hitmask, it eats your graphics card memory, " Ran out of memory thing "

    2- Infiinite loop with the For, and whiles, " the loops".

    3- The AI state loop, Begin: most came from there"

    4- Changing the map without removing all actors game Info lol hacky way to get rid of errors.... And forcing grabage collection after deleting all of them.


    What most ate the performance:

    1- Pawns, Modular pawn with too much components,

    2- IK inverse kinematics, " UpdateKinematicSetTo 0.9 " , makes it get updated only 100 From camera. SkeletalMesh:VariableThingy....

    3 - TurnOff() Pawn function native call, to turn off physics or anything running on a pawn, " awsome for pawns that are supsoed to be dead "

    Best Debugging Practises:

    1 - Add postRendered textes upon pawns to display their health individually and other occasional variables. " Means textes and vars upon em "

    2 - All the commands of UDK to see traces and such are very usefule to.

    3 - Set all structs on one file upon all other classes GameAllStructs GamePawn, pawn sees all structs now, don't use dependsOn it is so hard to use it well....

    4- Add a Log("FROM Class GamePawn FunctionName() This is what happend " ) , some protocol like that works awsomely to track game state from log.

    Hope my expeirience helps on both performance and error solving and deubugging practises, to solve your actual errors or to solve your future errors.

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.