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Really hope the community can move to the new forum

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    Really hope the community can move to the new forum

    Epic recently posted about sunsetting these forums and moving all new UDK threads to their other forums at

    Here's the announcement:

    Here is a link to the UDK section: (Please bookmark!)

    There are a lot of posters on the UDK forums that are invaluable to those still working on UDK projects. I really hope the community can move over without losing too many contributors. I wouldn't have been able to get where I am with my current project without the help from the community, and I'll try to help anyone where I can.

    Thank you very much for this thread. I for one would have missed it otherwise (because I've never actively read any other sub forums apart from Programming and Unrealscript). Since I already have an account there as well (same name) I'll make use of it.
    Hopefully this doesn't mean we lose all the valuable threads posted here over the years. Oh okay the announcement says they will be archived.