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    Voice chat in game

    I'm trying to figure out how to implement a voice-chat feature in my game. Where the player pushes a button to speak to players in their proximity.

    I have a Steam app key, so feel like I should be using the OnlineSubsystem to make use of the Steam Api, but can't find any documentation on how to go about this. Or is it easy to just use the game engine and have the server send out the voice audio packets?

    Does anyone have any experience in this matter, or have any advice on how I should proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    So I just ran a quick search and most threads seem to not come up with a solution. I found this to be pretty helpful although I don't have any more experience with this.

    It did point me at the relevant OnlineVoiceInterface(Ex) which seems to be fully (natively) implemented only by the OnlineSubsystemSteamworks class (OnlineSubsystemGameCenter/PC do implement it but seem to just be empty functions mostly).
    Other places to look at would be the (UT)PlayerController which already handles a few things making use of the OnlineSystem.VoiceInterface

    If you manage to figure it out from that info it would be great if you could share any additional insights you may gather on your way.


      Thanks again @UnrealEverything. That does help. I'll certainly post some updates if i manage to get anything working.