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How to alter UT3 weapons?

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    How to alter UT3 weapons?


    I want to utilize UnrealScript to alter certain UT3 weapons.

    Generally I want to do the following:
    • Adjust the damage scale
    • Adjust the damage scale based on the lvl the hero is at
    • Get rid of push backs
    • Adjust the range

    I know have to make a subclass to extend from something but with so many info around its tough to find and besides I'm a rookie programmer.

    For the specifics, here's what I want them to do:

    Rocket Launcher
    • decrease the life span of primary fire.
    • for secondary, only one shot of the grenade (instead of three) temporary slows enemy speed.
    • takes 10 seconds to reload.
      • Hero lvl 1: slows enemies down by 5 seconds.
      • Hero lvl 2: slows enemies down by 10 seconds.
      • Hero lvl 3: slows enemies down by 15 seconds.

    For secondary fire.
    • Hero lvl 1: Goes through 1 enemy.
    • Hero lvl 2: Goes through 2 enemies.
    • Hero lvl 3: Goes through 3 enemies.

    I am doing a MOBA game certain heroes use certain UT3 weapons and levels up (max lvl 3) based how much enemies they defeat.