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    unrealscript help

    Hello I need some assistance with some unrealscript
    Problem 1 locking system
    I want to deny access to levels that haven't been unlocked but in having trouble getting it into uscript

    Class levelunlock extends utgame
    If (level1unlocked == true)
    Allow access to udk map
    Deny access and print in the menu locked
    If (trigger touched = true)
    Level1unlocked = true
    This is a rough idea of what the code would look like but what would it be like in uscript
    Problem 2 stats
    Class stats extends utpawn
    Magic = 1
    Strength = 1
    LV = 1
    Exp = 0
    Money = 0
    Meshdata = player.fbx
    Weapon1 = pistol.uc
    If pawn is killed give player 1 exp
    If exp = 10 then stats and level + 1 then set exp to zero
    Store players mesh in stats file and whenever the player enters a level their mesh will be the same from the previous level , so if they changed their mesh or acquired a weapon then those changes will stay when the go to the next level

    Probably have an easier time through kismet with the level load and commit. You could have a trigger allow access and load the map if certain conditions are met and display a message if not.