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Functioning Menu Button (ActionScript)

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    Functioning Menu Button (ActionScript)

    Hi guys. Bit new, haven't used Unreal 3 since before UDK. Also not really a programmer. I'm setting up a menu screen going by a combination of this tutorial using vectorian giotto and flash develop:

    And a tutorial on youtube

    The aforementioned tutorial on this site has been very good, but I am wondering if it provided implementation of button function and I'm just missing it or not. I've got everything set up except for button functionality. Using AS2, I've added:

    _root.btnPlay.onRelease = function()


    btnPlay being the name of my button.

    I've got it wired in Kismet, looks like it should check out there. I'm just uncertain about adding code to the Action Script to get it working.

    Thanks in advance

    (oops, wrong forum. sorry)

    Use externalCall.(NameOfFunction, ... ) check in the UDN calls from actionscript to Uscript ... it's there.


      Hi Neongho, thanks for the reply! I posted this where it's supposed to be in the Scaleform UI forum, but are you talking about putting this in the Action Script area in Vectorian Giotto or in Flash Develop? As of now I'm just working on getting the button to open a web page from flash player...or just close. Rollover and everything works fine though.

      on (release) {


        Doesen't matter you can still do ExternalCalls, wich this ones will be sent to the Unreal engine.