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Can't join network game when on same map in singleplayer

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    Can't join network game when on same map in singleplayer

    I have a very weird bug I'm trying to debug:

    Whenever I am on a map in singleplayer, and try to join a multiplayer game that is on the same map (open 127.0.01), it just loads the default map as single player.

    When joining a multiplayer map while on a different single player map it connects and loads in fine...

    Has anyone experienced this issue, or know why this might be happening? The server never logs that a player is trying to join when then player is coming from a singleplayer game of the same map.

    Thanks in advance.

    I had a similar problem, trying to join a local game and always failing. it was caused by running the game while I had Steam running as well


      Thanks for the response @Chosker. However with Steam closed the problem still persists.

      It only happens when the client loads a map locally, then tries to join a server which is running the same map. The client then just loads the default map locally.

      Does anyone know where I can look into the code that happens when a client runs 'open' from the console, so I can go about debugging this?