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Waves of enemies...

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    Waves of enemies...

    Hey guys,

    i'm basically trying to generate waves of enemies and I really need your help. The thing is i need to do it with unrealscript an not kismet. All in all i want to spawn a random number of different pawns ( till now i have 3 different types ), wait until all are dead and the spawn some more ans so on until the main character dies. As i sad i need to do this with unreal script, and i really do not know how to start.. can some please help.. thanks.

    Out of the top of my head this would work:

    -Gameinfo has start round when pawn is created
    -Gameinfo has a spawnenemy function which spawns the enemy pawn and controller and adds to an int count variable
    -Gameinfo has a enemy died function which subtracts 1 from the count variable, validates id count is 0 and if so set a timer to start a new round
    -Enemy pawn alerts game info it died
    -Playerpawn has function to alert game that it died and should launch the end game sequence

    something along those lines, the spawning of the enemies can be handled in different ways like spawning them all at once, spawning a new one every time on dies (easiest way to build a constant difficulty curve), or constantly spawn enemies on a timer until cap is reached just to name a few.

    be wary though that I reached a cap of 500 enemies on a lan network with 5 friends, frame dropped to about 20 fps...