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How to make my character push K-actors just by walking...

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    Maybe the kActor it's too small ? Try placing a big object like the barrel of UDK , it should work.

    You have canvas or scaleform, i don't think there is something else.

    Canvas it's the 2d system already implemented in UDK , and scaleform it's a third party of flash 2d you need adobe flash professional.

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  • How to make my character push K-actors just by walking...

    Okay so here's the problem...

    I've been using UDK for quite a while, (3 months or so) need for doing projects and homework on my University.
    So I've tried goggling, you-tubing, reading, searching for a decent tutorial on how to make my character push the objects by just walking...
    (Example- When you walk towards a big aired ball, it's suppose to move, its not that heavy you know > 3>)

    The different here is that I did a "Possess Pawn" on my Kismet, so I'm not using my default pawn. (I've tried adding this "bPushesRigidBodies=True" to the UTPawn Script, but it didn't work for me) I've notice my pawn doesn't have a "PhysicsSet", which I thought that could be causing the problem. I've tried, from adding collisions, dynamics, changing the collision properties on the Kactor, etc. But I did notice something strange...

    When I make a new map, I take any static mesh and make it a Kactor with all of its properties in the correct way, and "sometimes" when I hit play, the mesh dissapears OR works naturaly... Not sure if its UDK last build have anything to do with this (February 2014) but wasting 6-10 hours of work is no fun...

    So I solved it by adding a "DynamicBlockingVolume" and attaching it to my pawn, it works like a charm <3 (Just saying this for people who want to make a quick resolve if they can't find any!)

    So the question is... what other ways are there to make my pawn push objects by walking?
    AND another one that I just remember... How can I make a text appear on the middle of the screen? (Not using HUD)

    PS- Hurray my first post!