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Making a game from scratch

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    Making a game from scratch

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I know c# and java and i created a game for android using my own engine, but I want to create a game using udk, to be more specific a fps. I don't want to use unreal tournament assets or code, so i want to start from scratch, I don't like so much the idea of using kismet neither. How can i make a basic game in UDK using c++ or unreal script ?
    PS: By basic i mean move around, play animations, play sounds, simple raycasting, spawning.

    Since you don't seem to have any experience with the Unreal Engine so far, I really recommend you start out using the UT code, following tutorials around that approach. Once you figured out how things work, you can either start over or try to get rid of the UT class references in the existing project. Starting from scratch without any experience will be a painful and slow process and you will not get that much help in the form of existing tutorials.


      Ok, but i did not find any good tutorials all seems to be about level editing and modding the UT Game that comes with the engine, i really don't want to make an UT game, for example with unity i am able to use C# to script my code, i personally don't like kismet, I think I understand the logic of the coding system in udk maybe i'm wrong but so far i see its an hierarchy thing where all the hight level codes implements/extends from another code that's more low level but i need a tutorial that's shows me:
      1. Setting up coding environment.
      2. Basic moving, spawn object or some basic stuff, learning the unreal script language.
      3. Building the final game exe.
      I think that's should do, and maybe it will save some heavy work and time.
      In my opinion it is better to start from the beginning/scratch then modifyingsome existing working codes.


        1. download WotGreal and check the setting up script projects tutorial on my page.
        2. first off you need to understand the relationship between PlayerController and Pawn, the controller as you would think controls the pawn, the pawn is the player 'character' or whatever. learning whats there in the base/udk classes and how it works is the key.
        3. open the frontend, add your map, recompile scripts, cook, package. thats it.

        for some very well written unreal script tutorials covering many of the basics have a look here

        good luck its a ton of stuff to learn, ive been using udk since day 1 and am still discovering new things.


          Wotgreal it's a great program for Unrealscript.

          If you start with UT , the advantages are

          1 you will adopt how you should really write somehting with unrealscript

          2 you will probably understand multiplayer faster

          But in the other hand

          1 it will take you more to realise why some things happend

          2 it's much more easier to navigate in your code , than in someone else code , and that applies for the anim tree and other systems like how the pickups work and all.

          I recommend you if you choose to work from scratch take the UDN quickstart code and play with it , specially the camera wich is one of the most important aspects of the game

          In player controller, "UpdateRotation"

          in Pawn " calc camera "

          in pawn " process view rotation "

          So you understand the first stuff you see it's happenning ingame , " when you move the mouse the player rotates " , what the heck is doing that ? , check the functions.


            Unreal script is really easy to learn if u take the right approch, i sugest u look at all the functions in actor and see how many functions u can make affect the players health amount i found that this method is the fastest way to learn it


              Robert you should start complete the UDN quickstart , it's awsome template to experimentate stuff of the player controller and other actors.

              Link Here - >

              " the UDN in google cannot be search use yahoo or other searchers instead ".

              Then in you may wanna override in player controller UpdateRotation(float deltaTime);

              In wich float delta time it's the time that has been passed through frame and fram


              function UpdateRotation(float DeltaTime)
              	local Rotator	DeltaRot, newRotation, ViewRotation;
              	ViewRotation = Rotation;
              	if (Pawn!=none)
              	// Calculate Delta to be applied on ViewRotation
              	DeltaRot.Yaw	= PlayerInput.aTurn; //Read the input and set the yaw for the new cam view rot
              	DeltaRot.Pitch	= PlayerInput.aLookUp; //Read the input and set the pitchfor the new cam view rot
              	ProcessViewRotation( DeltaTime, ViewRotation, DeltaRot ); // to tell the camera about the new rotation 
              	SetRotation(ViewRotation); // player controller has rotation too
              	ViewShake( deltaTime );
              	NewRotation = ViewRotation;
              	NewRotation.Roll = Rotation.Roll; 
              	if ( Pawn != None )
              		Pawn.FaceRotation(NewRotation, deltatime); //Make pawn face the rotation 
              Then you have this , wich basically , updates the viewRotation of your camera , and updates the rotation of your pawn .

              what variables it uses ?

              A euler Rotator wich has 3 variables, yaw " left or rigth " , pitch " up or down " , Roll " have you ever heard of the expression do barrel roll " ?

              In here pretty much happends most of the ,basic mage.

              This should be in your player controller.

              Read the book unreal beginners guide , " something like that " .


                Ok, thanks all !