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Creating Custom Footstep Sounds in UDK

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  • Creating Custom Footstep Sounds in UDK

    Getting custom footstep sounds to work in UDK was a bit of a challenge.

    The information in this thread was close but did not work.

    I think changes in the code base have rendered it obsolete. I am using the UDK Dev Kit that comes with the Oculus Rift which appears to be slightly ahead of the current downloadable Dev Kit.

    For those interested in doing this I have provided a front-to-back tutorial on how to take a sound, map it to a texture and create the custom unrealscript code to make a sound when you walk on the texture. I have included all the code you need in gist.

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    Don't you just need animGroups

    When managing a lot of different animations together, there is quickly a need to organize these animations and manage them at a higher level. To help with this, the animation system uses a concept of AnimGroups.
    With AnimGroups, it is possible to synchronize a bunch of nodes together, have only the most important node of the group trigger notifications, and adjust the play rate of all these nodes globally. It can be a combination of these options, not all nodes have to be synchronized.

    It doesne't seem to work though , something i must be doing wrong

    of course im saying this because you need footstep notifies for realistic footstep sounds