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CoverLink, CoverSlot, Firelinks, any information?

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    CoverLink, CoverSlot, Firelinks, any information?

    Currently I'm working with cover-links, there are lots of problems, that I am facing
    right now, all I'm doing is playing around with stuff already implemented, the problem is its really hard
    to understand what has been already implemented since there are very, lets say 'not amazingly well documented' documents on
    how to build/program covers, what each option does, and the programing comments are even ...
    All I had seen/read was the cover sources available on internet ...

    My game is fps, and the enemies take cover, with chances and stuff, first I am looking for best location for
    taking cover, then move to them and start firing at the player.
    So What are fire-links for? How to use them in code? what does 'interactions=(66,2,82,..)' mean?

    Welcome to the "wonderful" world of UDK! /*sarcasam*

    Seriously, from what documentation I've read about CoverLink. Like most things UDK, it was put in, let's say, haphazardly. And yes, I DEFINITELY feel your pain about the atrocious "documentation" of all things UDK and UnrealScript. Coming from Unity, it's like night and day to me. Unity has WAY better API documentation than UDK (the three site does have some info, but a lot of it is pretty ambiguous, with no examples for various functions and even less explinations). Not saying that it's good, or bad, but UDK is closed-scource first, and foremost. So most of the time you're going to find loads of headaches trying to find a solution.

    On the CoverLink side of the house, I'm in the same boat as you. It's a struggle to get UnrealScript down to begin with (see: subpar API documentation), but CoverLink seems to be another beast entirely (with even less, to no, explination/tutorials on it). If I find anything to help, I'll post the link(s) here, if you're willing to do the same? Sort of a let's work together to try to figure this out sort of thing.

    Here was one on this forum that I've found. I believe that it's the third post and is a link to a place to dowload some zip/code files:

    CoverLink 1

    I've also found a video on this online, although I don't know if it used UDK or UT, but if you want to look over it as well and we could talk about it, it's here:

    Other than that, I don't really know what else for information, so if you have anything, let me know?