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[VIDEO] The Power and Importance of Spoof's Corrected Version of RLerp

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    [VIDEO] The Power and Importance of Spoof's Corrected Version of RLerp

    Dear Community,

    A few months ago the pro software engineer and amazingly helpful Community member Spoof released a new version of RLerp.

    Rlerp is a rotator/angle interpolator built into the unrealengine,

    Here's my tutorial on interpolators


    Rlerp That Ships With UDK Is Not As Good as It Could Be

    I am basically saying that the original version of Rlerp that ships with the UDK is NOT as good as Spoof's corrected version.

    I now have proof of this in a video,

    and if not for Spoof's corrected version my project would have suffered a lot of time loss as I struggled to understand a mistake I was not making, but rather Rlerp was making.

    Here's a video demonstrating exactly why Spoof's corrected version of Rlerp was necessary.

    Thank You Spoof so much for corrected version of Rlerp!

    You saved me a loooot of wasted problem solving on a problem that was within Rlerp itself!

    And Thank You Epic Games for your awesome engine! I hope this video as seen as effort to help community not as criticism.

    I love unreal engine and UDK as you can see from my signature below

    Thanks again Spoof!


    PS: here is the entire copy-paste code to implement Spoof's version of Rlerp:

    //  Author: Spoof
    static function Rotator RLerpQuat( Rotator A, Rotator B, float Alpha, bool bShortestPath )
        return QuatToRotator( QuatSlerp( QuatFromRotator( A ), QuatFromRotator( B ), Alpha, bShortestPath ) );

    wow i didnt realise RLerp was so dodgy. explains why an aeroplane i made spazzed out and got abandoned.
    might replace that and resurect it.



      glad this helped you Tegleg!

      Always great to hear from you!


      PS: and many continued thanks to Spoof for this


        bumping for Community's perusal, it's a good thing we have Spoof around



          I'm creating horse combat and was having some difficulty with rotation, I think this fixed the problem! Thank you so much for your efforts!


            Clever. RLerp() was indeed giving alot of ppl some hard time.

            Thanks Spoof and Rama for this.


              I'd like to point out that you might as well track current rotation with quaternions directly. That way you get floating point accuracy that carries over between updates (which a wrapper for QuatSlerp can't do) and you only have to do a single conversion - from quaternion back to rotator in order to apply the new rotation, if it changed.


                Aye, it's better to keep the result in the quaternion domain until necessary to convert to Rotator. RLerpQuat is just convenient if you don't care for that

                Btw there's no need to keep giving it my name, it's just practical 3D math. I recently found a version of it on the beyond unreal wiki, so nothing new or special, just useful.


                  Well the fact is, credit is due to you Spoof for being the only one to bring it to my attention!

                  We are not always bringing new things to the world that are totally new, and all computer games are trying to simulate / reflect / modify the pre-existing experience of Life in some way anyway,

                  but credit is still due to you for being the one to actually present the info in your own unique way


                  PS: the simple fact is that I would have been puzzling over the bug I encountered in the video for hours/days/weeks if I did not have your awesome post to assist me.

                  The info and the actual presentation of the info are not the same thing, and the presentation of the info in the right time and place is extreeemely important to the final end result of me not wasting lots of time thanks to you!